NHL 14 HUT – thanks for the unsustainable game mode, EA

I have removed this post.  Essentially I had two types of responses:

“Yes, I agree.  This is hard and stupid.”


“You obviously just suck at this game faggot.”

My argument was about ethics and economics, not whether I was ‘good at trading’ or not.

Everyone can go enjoy their NHL 14 HUT, or hate it.  Have fun in a market where, on day one, a card is bought for more pucks than could logically be earned in hundreds of games or hours.  If that’s not black-and-white unethical on EA’s end, then nothing is.

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9 thoughts on “NHL 14 HUT – thanks for the unsustainable game mode, EA

  1. Neal says:

    well said dude

  2. Branden says:

    People probably got those expensive cards by buying hundreds of dollars worth of gold packs and reselling.

  3. aaron says:

    nicely said… thanks for ruining my hut for me tho.. seeing as now its pointless to play

  4. Eric says:

    This is well written but poorly researched. If you go on YouTube, it’s easy to find five videos from excellent HUT players telling you how to work the market intelligently. Playing hockey games is only a fraction of the fun. Searching the market for steals, getting to know price rates, and capitalizing when you’ve out-smarted other players is what makes for a successful team. Once you learn the in’s and out’s of the marketplace, HUT becomes a very versatile game mode. You just need patience and some market strategy. The mode is better than it’s ever been.

  5. K R says:

    I agree Bryce.For the average gamer to use this system to build a great team is not gonna happen.To many hours to invest in trading cards instead of playing hockey!Which IS the reason we buy the game.To play hockey not search for deals on EA Bay.Now you can purchase pucks on ebay.WTF is that?Who can have some many pucks they can sell them?How do you get millions of pucks to sell for real cash?Please bring gaming back to us average joes.

  6. shawn says:

    Lofl are you people kidding! This guy couldn’t be more right! Before u all start barking at me about being a shitty player or not knowing the market know this, my team is worth an easy 5 million, 80% of my team I’d always jacked to 99.

    1st – POTG Ovi – HL Backstrom – MS St Louis
    2nd- HL Sharp – Toews – hl Kane
    3rd – Zacyp- Sedin- hl ryan
    4th- Zetty-Spezza-kessel

    1st- karlsson-suter
    2nd- hl subban- chara
    3rd- Buffy & Petri

    J.quick & hl lundqvist.

    Not to mention my bench and the fact that my overall is 70-12-1, and a team chem of 99!

    So don’t say stupid shit, and half of you that are talking crap to this guy are either scamming to get their team, or you also have a 40k team and talking smack to this guy is the only way to make yourself feel better after I spanked you 9-1.

    Everything he said is right! 99% right! The 1% is that fact that training cards (+5all) are not 1500 they are at best 3.5k.

    All you idiots talking shit are exactly that idiot!

  7. mcike says:

    EA is an evil empire and NHL is a sub par game. I refuse to buy packs with real money. NHL 14 sucks. fuck you EA sports

  8. I want to preface my post with: NHL 14 is the first NHL game I have owned since the ps1 era. In other words, I am not a hugely experienced player. That being said, I see several holes in your argument and since it would be too cumbersome to start a pedantic response for each, I will just hit on the key points I find fault with.
    – First, and the biggest problem that I see in your argument is that you want to completely bypass the market and trading system of HUT. HUT is based off a trading card system, so you are essentially ignoring the largest and most important part of this game mode simply because you don’t want to use it. You want to make pucks by winning games, and that isn’t how the HUT mode is structured. So you can’t really complain about not being able to reach a destination simply because you just don’t want to take the road that is already paved.
    – Second, open market systems always balance out. If 1mil pucks was too much for Crosby, than nobody would ever pay it and the price would HAVE to come down eventually for the player to sell him, or we would never sell. That’s marketing 101, not the example you gave. I get that no one had 1mil pucks when the game was first released, but the avenues to earn a million pucks were in place….and to be honest if you got the game right on release day, you could make pucks hand over fist trading pretty damn quick.
    – As a first timer to HUT i came in with about 10 pucks and began piecing together a pretty mediocre NHL level team and, like you, was flabergasted as to how people were able to get those elite 250k+ puck players. Then I started trading. In my first week I was able to go from 7k pucks to a little over 300k pucks by only buying and flipping silver and bronze packs and paying attention to the market. If you simply just don’t want to do that, that’s not an issue with the game or HUT system, that’s your preference, but you wont be able to do it. So with 300k pucks I was able to put together a pretty elite first line, with a solid second and mediocre 3rd and 4th. By my third week I had elite goal tending and lines all with players ranked 85 or higher. All of my lines are where I want them to be and if I keep trading while I play games in the season I can accumulate several 100’s of thousands of pucks to either save for one particular player that I really want, or for training cards to boost up my players when I get into tougher divisions. I haven’t dropped a single cent of real money on anything to do with this game and I had over 500k pucks saved up at one point which would be more than enough to max out my consumables queue with contracts, trainings and durations use them all and then do it again, or to simply go buy a 500k player and start the whole process over again.

    So if a first time player can figure this out in under a month, it’s evident that you just don’t want to play the game the way it was designed, and that’s your fault not EA’s.

  9. Jamie says:

    The guy above me wins hands down lol

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